Shenron Dragon Pendant

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Shenron Dragon Pendant Necklace 



This Obsidian Shenron Dragon Pendant Necklace features:

☯ Carved Black Obsidian Dragon Shenron Pendant

☯ Tibetan Buddhist Script Gold Engraved Black Onyx Bead

☯ Adjustable Length Beaded Black Onyx Necklace Cord


Shenron/Shenlong (神龍) is named after the spiritual dragon of the same name in Chinese/Japanese mythology, who is known as the master of storms and a bringer of rain (to the point of being a weather God). Shenlong is often shown with azure/green-colored scales and is said to be five-clawed (marking its statuss as an imperial dragon). When angry Shenron would bring destructive rainstorms and hurricanes.

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