Bushido Kanji Samurai Bracelet - 義 Righteousness

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"Righteous" Kanji Japanese Dragon Ball Bracelet

☯ 8.7 Inch Stretch Bracelet that will fit multiple wrist sizes!

☯ 14 mm Double Sided Gold Engraved 義 Kanji Symbol

☯ 14 mm Gold Engraved Dragon Beads

☯ 12mm Black Onyx Semiprecious Gemstone Beads

☯ 4x Strength White Stretch Band 

義 is the Chinese Character / Kanji symbolizing justice and righteousness. Yi, (simplified Chinese: 义; traditional Chinese: 義; pinyin: yì), literally "justice,righteousness; meaning," is an important concept in Confucianism. It is the moral disposition to do good or be good. In order to appear righteous, the symbol is often worn by Japanese Yakuza.

It is part of the 7 virtues of the Samurai Bushido code.
It is popular among the Japanese Yakuza, who emphasize they fight for justice.