Kuji-in Ninja 9 Hand Seals Kanji Bracelet - Red Agate

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Harness the power of a Ninja with this Kuji Kiri 9 Hand Seal Bracelet!


☯ Yin Yang Bagua Carved Red Agate Bead

☯ 4 Celestial Guardians Black Onyx Beads

☯ 9 Power Symbol Gold Engraved Kanji 12mm Beads

☯4x Strength White Stretch Band that will fit multiple wrist sizes!

*NOTE* - This is a made to order piece, average production lead time is around 2 - 5 days.

The 9 power symbols, also referred to as ‘’The Nine Hands Seals’’ or ‘’The Nine Cuts’’ are hand positions used in Ninjutsu as a process of ritual and meditation called Kuji Kiri.

Outside of the Shinobi culture they are sometimes called “The Ninja Secret Hand Signs.”

“Kuji” is a term that is used to describe energy focusing, which is what is meant to occur when preforming kuji-in or kuji kiri. The nine hand gestures or cuts correspond with mantras that serve to evoke energy change and in some cases, inspire enlightenment.

In Japanese, the nine syllables are: Rin (臨), Pyōh (兵), Tōh (闘), Sha (者), Kai (皆), Jin (陣), Retsu (列), Zai (在), Zen (前).

Rin - Power
Hyo - Energy
Toh - Harmony
Sha - Healing
Kai - Intuition
Jin - Awareness
Retsu - Dimension
Zai - Creation
Zen - Absolute

It also has the four Guardian Spirits: The Azure Dragon (青龙 Qīng Lóng), of the East, the Vermilion Bird (朱雀; Zhū Què) of the South, the White Tiger (白虎; Baí Hǔ) of the West, and the Black Turtle (玄武; Xuán Wū) of the North.

The Azure Dragon of the East represents Wood, the Vermilion Bird of the South represents Fire, the White Tiger of the West represents Metal, and the Black Turtle (or Dark Warrior) of the North represents Water. In this system, the fifth element Earth is represented by the Yellow Dragon of the Center.