Fudo Myoo Silver Ring

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Fudo Myo - 不動明王, the “Immovable Wisdom King,” Ring

Fudo Myo is a powerful spirit that punishes the wicked and brings justice to the world.

He is often depicted on fearsome Yakuza tattoos granting his power and strength to the wearer.

“Immovable Wisdom King,” is ofted depicted sitting upon a rock throne with a sword, a rope. The sword represents knowledge and power, while Fudo Myoo binds evil with the rope in his left hand. Fudo Myoo is surrounded by flames, which represent cleansing. 


  • Adjustable Size - Mens Ring Size 10 and Up Adjustable Band
  • S925 - 92.5% Pure Silver
  • 3.2x2.4cm


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