Tokugawa Samurai Crest Power Stone Bracelet

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Tokugawa Samurai Clan Crest Bracelet


☯ 12mm Black and Gold Onyx Tokugawa Clan Crest

☯ 12mm Tigereye Beads

☯ Gold Spacers with Black Crystal

☯4x Strength White Stretch Band that will fit multiple wrist sizes!

Tokugawa Ieyasu (徳川 家康) was the most powerful Samurai Shogun and founder of the Tokugawa Dynasty of a united Japan, which ruled Japan for over 200 years.

The Tokugawa's clan crest, known in Japanese as a "mon", the "triple hollyhock" has been a readily recognized icon in Japan, symbolizing in equal parts the Tokugawa clan and the last shogunate. The crest derives from the mythical Kamo clan. During the Meiji Restoration movement, the crest is used to show the bearer's allegiance to the shogunate—as opposed to the royalists, whose cause is symbolized by the Imperial throne's chrysanthemum crest.

NOTE: This is a made to order piece, average production lead time is around 2 - 5 days.