Urashimataro Ryujin Dragon King Embroidered Hoodie

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One day the fisherman saw some children tormenting a turtle on the beach and he shooed them away. In gratitude, the turtle offered to take Urashimataro on a sea voyage and a free tour of Ryujin's undersea palace.

On arrival the fisherman was given a feast by the dragon king's daughter and, when he finally left, a parting present of a jewelry box. When Urashimataro made it home he saw that the village had changed since he had left, he could not find his own house or his family either. 

When he opened his jewelry box a mist came forth that instantly changed him into a very old man. At the bottom of the box was a single feather, and when Urashimataro took hold of it, he was transformed into a crane, the symbol of happiness, which then flew off in the direction of the faraway palace of Ryujin.

🐲100% Cotton Fabric
🐲Black and White Colors

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