Yakuza Gold Dragon Tiger Eye Necklace

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This neklace features the four Legendary  Guardian Spirits.

The Four Guardians (also called Four Divine Beasts and Four Symbols) are the four mythological creatures from Eastern mythology. 

☯ 4 Legendary Guardians Carved Gold Onyx Beads:
The Azure Dragon (青龙 Qīng Lóng), of the East
The Vermilion Bird (朱雀; Zhū Què) of the South
The White Tiger (白虎; Baí Hǔ) of the West
The Black Warrior (玄武; Xuán Wū) of the North

☯ Black Onyx and White Crystal Beads

☯ Adjustable Clasp with Tough Necklace Wire


NOTEThis is a made to order piece, average production lead time is around 2 - 5 days.

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