The Nine Hand Seals

The Nine Hand Seals

Kuji-in, 九字印  known as Nine Hand Seals is a system of mudras and associated mantras consisting of 9 syllables. The mantras are referred to as Kuji 九字, meaning nine characters.
It is believed that the kuji arrived in Japan through Jōdo-shū and Shugendō around the 8th century. Kuji is rumored to be a dangerous ritual that is, if made without proper initiation or performed incorrectly, can attract unwanted entities.
Importance of the Number Nine
Why the number nine is used is because in Taoist divination, the number nine is seen as the perfect number for Yang/yo when determining the individual hexagram lines. Others suggest that the nine represents the nine planets that the Taoist believe directly influence human destiny. 
Hand Seal of the Nine Syllables
The Kujin “Nine Hand Seals” refers to the mudra or hand gestures associated with the nine syllables themselves. This is a specialized form of Buddihst meditation. 
Kuji-Kiri, 九字切り or the nine symbolic cuts is the practice of using hand gestures, it is also seen in some Japanese martial ars such as Ninjutsu.
The Nine Cuts
(臨) Rin – Power
(兵) Hyo/Pyo – Energy
(闘) Toh – Harmony
(者) Sha – Healing
(皆) Kai – Intuition
(陣) Jin – Awareness
(列) Retsu – Dimension
(在) Zai – Creation
(前) Zen – Absolute
Kuji-kiri performed with your right hand are to emphasize the cut of the ignorance of the illusion. With the left hand, it represents a receptive valence. Both hands can represent the Yin and Yang, creating an opening in the daily world that allows one to reach various states of consciousness.
Mystical Properties
It is believed that the practice of Kuji-kiri gives mystical attributes, when performed with a hand of hand seals, was meant to allow a ninja to develop superhuman features. Forming the symbols with one’s hands, the ninja may mutter some words and, in an instant, he becomes calm but eerily alert.
These mystical powers are:
Predicting Danger
Hearing Thoughts
Healing abilities
Does Kuji-Kiri really give mystical powers?
There is actually no proof of people gaining mystical powers or healing powers. However, it triggers a specific mental state for a shinobi. This optimal state of mind helps him function well under stress. It may also create the ideal conditions for his body to recover a tad faster.
There are similarities between Kuji and other practices. And, they all seem to rely on proven meditative elements to change a person’s mental state.
This makes meditation useful for modern-day warriors like yourself. But, for something that’s quick-to-use (when in danger), ninja hand signs and NLP anchoring is the way to go. Of course, that needs tons of practice! To note, ninja hand signs don't even give you any mystical powers. So, don’t walk around the streets naked. 
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