Yokai Tatsu Dragon of the Sea Bomber Jacket

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Enter the Haunting Realm of Yokai

Tatsu (たつThey are strongly connected to water and are considered to be water gods. They live in splendid palaces at the bottom of deep seas, or in other secluded places.

👹 Embroidered Ryu Tatsu Folklore Design
👹 Side Slit Pocket
👹 Ribbed Hem
👹 Thick Type Blend Material
👹 LIMITED RELEASE - NOT available in stores
      Once it's out, it is forever gone!
The Japanese imperial family, the oldest hereditary monarchy in the world, is supposedly descended from dragons (as well as other gods). The monarchy is said to have been founded in 660 BCE by Emperor Jimmu, the legendary first ruler of Japan. His father was the son of Toyotama-hime, who in turn was the daughter of Ryūjin, the dragon god of the sea. So the emperor of Japan is, according to legend, the direct descendant of a dragon.


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